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Solar Light Solutions for Horse Arenas

If you are an enthusiastic horseback rider you will probably dream about an arena of your own. Quite often horse owners have the land and even an established arena area, but cannot afford to equip it for day and night use. Luckily there are great answers with solar lighting.

Traditionally, the most expensive part of creating an outdoor riding arena is the lighting and electrical requirements that adequate fixtures demand. For example, most arenas will put to use several pole mounted fixtures in addition to an array of locally placed lights. Remember that horses are easily spooked by shadows and an arena needs to be literally flooded with light to keep horses calm and riders safe. This also means a lot of lighting and a lot of electricity, a lighting solution nicely provided by solar lights.

Currently there are super bright fixtures capable of broadcasting light in a thirty-foot radius. These units can be mounted to the sides of buildings, set on posts or even placed on the ground. This translates to a comprehensive approach to flooding an arena with low-cost, LED solar lighting fixtures. An outdoor arena owner could simply install the units and begin their night time riding.

Many of the best horse arena solar powered lights also come equipped with on and off switches as well as photo cells, turning the light on automatically at dusk and off at dawn. This means that even though a nine or ten hour supply of energy is available through the collector, the lights will only operate when the owner needs them to.

Additionally, many flood spot lights are available with a different number of LED bulbs. These long-lasting and durable lights are known for their ability to function at low-temperatures while providing incredible illumination, and many solar flood lights intended to be used in outdoor arenas come with up to 156 LED bulbs in each fixture. These fixtures, however, can have their brilliance reduced by the built in bulb controls that reduce LED usage automatically as the battery performance begins to drain significantly.

So, for the cost of the equipment an outdoor arena can be fully illuminated this means no additional power panels added to a home or barn, no expensive service from a licensed professional, no time wasted in replacing bulbs over and over, no monthly electrical bills, it may mean no permits will have to be acquired and it definitely means no need to miss a ride if there is a problem with the electricity!
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