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Solar Lighting Solutions for a Deck or Patio

There are millions of homes with an attached deck or patio, and many of them have a single, wall-mounted lighting fixture that illuminates the space after dark. This is often an unappealing sort of "spot" light that most people would rather avoid. The most common answer when using the area after sunset is to use candles, tiki torches or other temporary lighting sources, but of course these can be costly, time consuming and even dangerous. They also don't provide any real or durable illumination.

Is there any kind of solution? Usually, anyone hoping to illuminate their deck or patio will first investigate their 'hard wired' options. Often this leads to frustration because there are only a limited range of exterior lighting solutions that can be used around a deck or patio area without the need for a lot of electrical work. With solar lighting fixtures however, the range of fixtures and ease of installation make it an irresistible choice.

Today's exterior solar lighting fixtures features pole, wall and hook-mounted options which come equipped with motion and light sensors that allow them to operate both efficiently and effectively. For example, a solar deck lighting configuration would be able to serve as recreational illumination as well as security thanks to motion sensors, solar spot lights and floodlights that can be aimed or used how and wherever necessary.

Let's look at a 'standard' deck and see how solar lighting fixtures could be used in a far superior way than standard electrical units. First the entrance to the deck from the home could be outfitted with a decorative accent fixture mounted to the wall above the doorway; this would turn on automatically at dusk and run until sunrise or it could be outfitted with an easy to use timer. The railing of the deck could have decorative fixtures mounted at fixed locations or it could have solar lamp posts set at the corners. A few solar floodlights could be placed around the yard to accent ornamental trees, light darkened areas for security purposes and ensure that the pathways were very clear. Finally, any gates or entrance areas for the deck or patio could also be outfitted with motion sensor lights that illuminated the gate upon the approach of a visitor or owner, but which could be programmed to turn off within a few minutes of being triggered.

Clearly, there are dozens of solar lighting options to utilize in a deck or patio lighting configuration, and while many would say the same fixtures are available in standard 'hard wired' arrangements, the fact of the matter is that the homeowner could easily install the solar fixtures without the added expense of a professional electrician and without the monthly electricity bills.
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